R-Type is a great horizontal shooter. Mine had a bad ribbon cable which was giving me boot up errors and jail bars in my sprite, so look there first if you get these symptoms.



Converting "Straight from dedicated Nintendo cabinet" style R-Type to regular "JAMMA ready" R-type (adding sound).

1: Remove the jumper wire from position C108 (+) to C102 (-)
2: Add C101 and C102. Both are 2200 microfarad electrolytic capacitors, rated at 16 WVDC, (DC Working Volts) and radial type.
3: Add C108, 1 microfarad electrolytic capacitor, 50 WVDC, radial leads.

Please pay attention to the orientation of the capacitors to be added. Since they are electrolytic capacitors, they are polarity sensitive and should be installed correctly in accordance to the silkscreened lettering on the printed circuit board.

To go back the other way, remove the above three capacitors and add the jumper wire.

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