Star Wars

Star Wars is one of the more flakey vector games. Again, much research has gone into figuring out this game. It has one of the more difficult debug procedures, but some documents have been written up to help you out.

If you are having either intermittent reset problems or power problems, investigate the edge connector. Some of them are inferior and should simply be replaced completely. The RFI board is not necessary to run the game, but is simply there to meet RFI standards (radio frequency interference).

Gregg W's comments about Star Wars that exhibit shaky star fields:

Most alignment problems are due to bad, or rather missing (as in 1 leg has broken away from the PCB) capacitors. Many caps on these boards stick up too much and are easy to bend over breaking a leg or two. AVG C4 on SW/ESB is particularly susceptible to this. A tell-tale sign of a bad C4 is going to the checkerboard screen in the test mode. Further symptoms include:

A. Crosshatch will not align.

B. Scale test - Linear: the box contracts smoothly but it starts opening at the top right side about half way down. The box also drifts to the right on its compression. Linear/Binary test shows no such distortion (that would eliminate the monitor as a cause).

C. Raster test is not a filled box but more like a parallelogram extending outside the box at the lower left while the outer frame remains a square box.

D. Color bar test shows all the bars skewed from one another in a diagonal shift. The bars are straight, but they are not on top of each other as the should be.

E. "Checkerboard" test looks perfect EXCEPT the center column is about twice as wide as it should be (twice as wide as the others) almost as though there is a vertical line missing.

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