Funhouse Ramp Kit Installation

Here's a short little page I wrote up about how I installed the Funhouse Ramp kit on my Funhouse (actually, Rick Schieve helped me a lot). I apologize in advance for the pictures, as they were the first pictures I'd ever taken with my digital camera. Also, I'm not great at pinball terminology, so I tried to explain the parts as best I could.

Anyway, here's the ramp kit, p/n 53203 (aka A-53203). I got this picture from, which is a great page which shows you how to install this ramp kit on a Star Trek: The Next Generation pinball. As you can see, the kit comes with 2 metal flaps, one for each side of the ramp. The metal flaps go on the inside of the ramp. Also, two small screws are provided which screw in through the upper holes in the metal flaps. There are also two post studs, and two nuts for the studs which I assume are supposed to go through the metal tabs at the end of the metal flaps. It is not intuitive how the two post studs are supposed to be installed, and even if they were to be installed as designed, I think the outcome would be rather hideous.

Here's what I did. First of all, I bought a NOS Funhouse Lower ramp. I believe the way I did the installation will still work even with a partially broken Funhouse ramp.

If you've already installed a new ramp and put your game back together, or just want to patch existing problems with the ramp with the kit, then I would suppose the least you'd want to do is remove the upper ramp (Steps ramp) and some of the plastics surrounding the lower ramp entry.

Modify the kit

Throw out the two post studs and the two nuts. We won't be needing those. Instead, obtain these items:

    - 2 white plastic screw post protectors (standoffs).
    - 2 long playfield screws.

Place the metal flaps on the ramp as you would want them laid out, such that the tabs at the end protrude past the end of the ramp. Slightly bend the those tabs such that they are perpendicular to the surface of the playfield.

The right side

At the end of the metal wall right behind the "E" target, I removed the screw which held the metal wall in place. You will be putting one long screw through the metal flap's tab and right down into this hole, so align the metal flap accordingly.

Place one long screw through the tab, slide on one of the white plastic post guards, put the metal wall back into position, and screw the long screw through the tab that holds the metal wall in place. Once done, put a hole in the ramp lip for the upper hole and insert one of the short screws there. You are done with one side! Now for the harder part...

The left side

This side is a little more complicated. Place the metal flap on the left side of the ramp such that the metal flap is just barely overlapping the mini wall next to the left entrance of the ramp.

Take the remaining white plastic post guard and grind it in such a way that it will fit between one of the supports for the mini wall, and the screw holding the opposite metal wall in place (note how the bottom left side by the screw head and about half way up the other side has been removed). Grind away as little as possible so there is a nice snug fit, then screw the remaining long screw through the metal tab on the left metal flap, slide on the guard, and screw it into the playfield.

Here's a side view of what the work should look like when it's done. Note the two screws which are holding the upper part of the metal flaps in place.


Put the extra parts away and install the rest of the hardware. You should now have something that looks like this! Congratulations!

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