Past Games

At one time or another I owned these games (working and complete cabinets). I've purchased more games than this, but most of those either got sold or parted out immediately. These are games that I took the time to restore and of which I learned the internals.

Feel free to ask questions about any of the below if you need some technical help; chances are I did some work on them at one time or another and may be able to provide some information or help.

UR = upright, CT = cocktail, CB = cabaret

Asteroids CT (2)

Asteroids UR (2)

Asteroids Deluxe CT - my first game. Played either Asteroids Deluxe or Asteroids.

BattleZone UR (2) - One of these I sold twice; sold it once, found it 2 years later in a dumpster. Fixed it up, and sold it again. :-)

Atari Football 2-player (punt version)

Blaster UR (duramold)

Centipede CB

Centipede UR


Cosmic Chasm (serial #096)

Defender UR

Demolition Derby (Bally/Midway) UR

Demolition Derby (Bally/Midway) Island

Dig Dug CT

Dig Dug UR

Discs of Tron environmental (2, still own 1)

Donkey Kong UR (4) - two played all 3 DK games by switching a connector.

Dragon's Lair (2) - 1 played Space Ace also by swapping some connectors and the disc. The other had a limited edition laser disc and was switchable between proto and release versions.

Eliminator 4-player (2, still own 1) - added wiring to play all other Sega XY games.

Fish Tales pinball

Frogger UR (2)

Gauntlet 4-player UR

Joust UR

Junkyard pinball

Kick UR (only 1600 made)

Krull UR - restored it first, but then parted it out :-)

Lunar Lander (in an Asteroids cabinet)

Marble Madness UR

Missile Command Sitdown

Moon Cresta CT

Ms. Pac-Man CT (7)

Omega Race CB

Q*bert UR

RipOff UR

Robotron UR (3, still own 1)

Sinistar UR

Space Duel CT

Space Fury CT

Space Fury UR

Star Trek UR (converta-cabinet) (2)

Star Wars (3, still own 1)

Stargate UR

Tac/Scan UR (2)

Tailgunner UR

Tapper UR

Tempest UR (3)

Tornado Baseball UR

Tron UR

Video Action (4-player cocktail pong game)

Warlords CT (2)

Warlords UR - restored, monitor still sucked, CP too far gone, parted out

Xybots UR

X-men 6-player

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