Game: Zoo Keeper
Manufacturer: Taito
Year: 1982
Type: horizontal color raster upright

Zoo Keeper was one of those games that I played when I was young, but lost memory of it until I played it again years later. Then I realized I had to have it.

In Zoo Keeper, your goal is to save your girl-friend who is lost in the Zoo. Try to keep the animals in their pens by rebuilding the walls that they keep breaking through. The game play is addictive, but the music and sounds of the game are what I find sticking in my head for days.

This particular game was a hard core de-conversion project. I picked it up at an auction. It had been converted to Rastan, but a fellow collector pointed out that under the blue laminated sides was the original Zoo Keeper sideart. Now restored and rebuilt, it takes its well deserved place among the rest of my collection.

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