Game: Zektor
Manufacturer: Sega/Gremlin
Year: 1982
Type: horizontal color vector upright

"Warriors needed to defeat alien robots!"

Zektor was the rarest game from the Sega vector Convert-a-game family. Due to scarcity of parts, I was able to get reproductions of the artwork through various sources to complete mine.

This cabinet is a Convert-a-game cabinet. My Zektor is actually a Tac/Scan that was converted from an Eliminator that was converted Eliminator(true story). A kit was released for each of the five Sega vector games, and each one could be played out of this cabinet. At one time I had all the kits, including both versions of the Eliminator upright kits.

Now instead of all five kits, I have a Sega vector multigame installed so I can play them all.

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