Game: Who Dunnit
Manufacturer: Bally/Williams
Year: 1995
Type: Pinball, (2) flippers, speech, dot matrix display

"And then....I was on the case"

You are detective Nick Spade, and someone has just been murdered. It's up to you to catch the killer.

The setting takes place at Tony's Place, a successful casino. Play the roulette wheel or slot machine for big money (points). Collect equipment and clues to help determine who's the killer, and interrogate people to eliminate suspects. But watch out! The killer will have you on a wild goose chase, going up and down the elevator until they try to kill you in the basement! Once you figure out who it is, you'll have to run them down on the roof!

This pinball is actually pretty good, and is considered to have some of the better music/sounds and DOT matrix graphics out there.

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