Game: Tempest
Manufacturer: Atari
Year: 1981
Type: vertical color vector upright

Tempest is one of the top collected games (in terms of original dedicated cabinets) among the Vintage Arcade Preservation Society's (VAPS) members. That says a lot about this arcade game. Tempest was Atari's first color vector game. The game has it all; user selectable difficulty, fast paced action, and unique and exciting game play. Very approachable for beginners, but challenges even the experts.

The game does have a dark side, however: a design flaw caused many Tempest monitors to bite the dust early, frustrating amusement operators. Because of this, most Tempests were sent to the conversion lines or the game graveyards. Some, whose monitors survived, became Major Havocs.

But some can still be found in operators warehouses, at auctions, or in the possession of collectors. Only these will be reborn.

Tempest has survived.

Now the question is...

Can you survive Tempest?

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