Game: The Addams Family Special Collectors Edition
Manufacturer: Bally/Williams
Year: 1994
Type: Pinball, (4) flippers, speech, dot matrix display

Creepy. Kooky. Spooky. Ooky.

This is a pinball commemorating the record breaking sales of the original Addams Family


Based on the movie, your goal is to tour the mansion, collect the vault treasure, find Cousin It, and go on other creepy adventures.

The playfield contains two magnets in the middle of the playfield, which cause the ball to move mysteriously. In addition, the game contains a mimi flipper that Thing controls in certain cases, allowing him to make a skill shot for you. In fact, Thing himself makes an appearance, reaching out of his box to pick up captured balls.

There were only 1000 of these games ever made, which came with a certificate and plaque mounted on the cabinet. Mine is 881.

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