Game: Star Wars
Manufacturer: Atari
Year: 1983
Type: horizontal color vector upright

From the manual:

The first phase of play will engage you in a spectacular battle in space. TWIN-ION ENGINE (T.I.E.) Fighters from the Death Star attack you. Darth Vader's ship appears in this phase. Your goal is to shoot the T.I.E. Fighters and their shots to protect your shields.

The second phase of play takes the X-Wing down to the surface fo the Death Star which is covered with laser bunkers and laser towers. You must avoid collision with the enemy towers and their shots. A bonus can be earned by destroying all the laser towers.

The third phase of play takes Red-5 down into the Death Star trench. The walls are lined with laser gun turrets that fire as you approach. Trench catwalks also appear in varied shapes and altitudes throughout the trench. Near the end of the trench is the exhaust port. You must shoot a proton torpedo into the exhaust port to destroy the Death Star.

Star Wars is a great, fast paced game. The 3D wire frame graphics are excellent. Mine has a Star Wars/Empire Strikes Back multigame installed, as well as an NOS Empire Strikes Back yoke sticker.

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