Game: Safe Cracker
Manufacturer: Bally
Year: 1996
Type: Pinball, (3) flippers, speech, dot matrix display, token pin

Your goal is to break into a bank and steal the loot inside the vault. But in order to do so, you must get past cyborg dogs, doughnut munching policemen, and the "Candy 2000" security system.

Safe Cracker is a truly unique pinball. First, it is a token pin; the game dispenses tokens to reward you for certain accomplishments. These "Magic Tokens" can be re-inserted into the game to provide a different game mode. Second, the pinball has a board game in the backbox that you play in order to enter the vault.

My Safe Cracker came with some poor copies of the original instruction/pricing cards, so I scanned the graphics, touched them up, and created two Word documents that replicate them (even the weird spacing and typos). They are available below. Print them out and trim them to 6" x 3.5".

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