Game: Robotron:2084
Manufacturer: Williams
Year: 1982
Type: horizontal color raster upright

Robotron:2084 is a fast paced action game requiring super fast reaction times and coordination. Good players of this game claim to reach a "Zen"-like state when dealing with all the threats coming at them at once.

The premise of the game is simple: You are humanity's last hope. Robots have become "intelligent" and have started eliminating the "obsolete" humans. Your goal is to save the last humans and destroy the robots.

This was another hardcore restoration. I basically started with nothing but a beat up Williams cabinet. The original artwork was too far gone, and the front had significant damage. I replaced the front and purchased sideart from Arcadeshop, and the rest of the artwork from Phoenix Arcade. The sideart doesn't match the original exactly (slightly smaller than the original stencils; was probably redrawn from a photo or something), but was a lot easier to install than trying actual stencils, and a lot less error prone. Since I already had a Robotron boardset wired for Jamma, I didn't bother with re-creating an entire Williams harness and simply wired in a Jamma harness. Also, the speaker grill had been punched out, but I found a screen door replacement material that was plastic and resilient ("paw-proof") that worked great and had similar properties to the original material. All-in-all, it came out looking great and finally I have a permanent Robotron in my collection.

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