Game: Medieval Madness
Manufacturer: Williams
Year: 1997
Type: Pinball, (2) flippers, speech, dot matrix display

One of the most legendary pinballs of all time. Fight against multiple kings of the castle to eventually battle the King of Payne himself!

Due to demand, Medieval Madness became one of the most expensive pins to buy. So much so, that it became more affordable to build one from scratch than to buy one on the open market, which is what some collectors did.

Including myself.

I bought an original game with the intent of using it to make my own copy, then to resell the original to recoup the costs of the newly built one. However, around the time I was building it, a company decided to reproduce a "remake" of the game, causing the value of the originals to drop. Already highly invested in the scratch build, I followed through with constructing my own. While it ended up being a very satsifying endeavour, I ended up in a situation where reselling the original no longer made financial sense. So I ended up instead selling the pinball I built (a converted NBA Fastbreak and keeping an original whose playfield now consisted of almost entirely brand new parts.

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