Game: Gorf
Manufacturer: Midway
Year: 1981
Type: vertical color raster upright

Gorf is basically a medley of five games, two of which are iconic Midway games: Space Invaders and Galaxians. I was "donated" this particular cabinet, which was nothing more than a Gorf that had been converted to a Alley Master. However, being part of VAPS, I decided it was my duty to restore this game back to its former glory. Gorf is actually a very pretty cabinet, with blue/gray two-tone and flecks of white for a star field effect. I was able to collect any missing pieces I needed from ebay, and found a local collector with a spare boardset for sale. However, the harness was missing so I had to re-create that from scratch. After almost two years, the project completed, and I'm very satisfied with the results.

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