Game: Funhouse
Manufacturer: Williams
Year: 1990
Type: Pinball, (3) flippers, (3) ball Multiball, speech

This is one twisted pinball game.

You'd think with a name like Funhouse, the game might have a happy happy joy joy type theme to it. You put your quarter in you hear "FUNHOUSE!!?! HA HA HA HA HA!" in Rudy's maniacal voice. At this point you realize three things:

1) Rudy can speak.

You're thinking "Neat, a pinball with a talking head". As you're taking your time to overlook the playfield, checking out the ramps, the second plunger (second plunger??), the Mystery Mirror, and big head that's on the playfield, you hear Rudy politely remind you that it's time to play...

"Hey Biff, you're up!"


2) Rudy is evil.

The Funhouse is controlled by Rudy. Your objective is to take over the Funhouse by putting Rudy to sleep. Advance the clock to midnight by locking the balls, and once Rudy is asleep, shoot a ball into his mouth to start Midnight Madness Multiball.

"Quit playing with the clock!"

Along the way, you find lots of interesting features and tricks, including the trap door, the manhole, Rudy's hideout, the Steps, and the Super Dog bonus! "It's lunch time! Get yourself a hot dog!" And if you hit Rudy enough times, you may even get a Sausage bonus! "Ow! That was NO accident."

3) This is the coolest pinball you've ever played.

The Game is Watching You!

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