Game: The Mark 13
Manufacturer: Mark Jenison and Rick Schieve
Year: 1997
Type: vertical and horizontal raster upright

The problem: Need to play multiple games that require different orientations of the monitor (for example, Pac-Man has the monitor going the long way up and down, while Joust has the long way going left and right) and multiple control configurations (Pac-Man has a single joystick, while Joust has two-way joysticks and a flap button).

The solution: The Mark 13 (AKA The Maytag, Mark's Crazy Cabinet, The Creature, The Beast, The Freak Cabinet, The Chaos Orb...)

The head piece which contains a 25" monitor turns freely on four support wheels, allowing the monitor to rotate a full 360 degrees.

The cabinet doors open up to expose multiple shelves, along with additional master controls. The game harness supports the JAMMA (Japanese Amusement Machines Manufacturing Association) standard, but there is also an auxilary harness for additonal controls, voltages and audio support.

Some games have different controls than others. To support all types of control configurations, the control panel is made up of four controller "pods". To play a specific game, simply swap in the pod that meets the given games required controls. The control panel can support up to four players.

For a list of games I that I currently play out of this cabinet, see my entry; every raster game listed as Board Only is played out of this cabinet.

In addition, the game now has the JAMMA-JPAC installed along with a MAME system to allow me to play MAME as well!

For more detailed description and pictures of the cabinet, click here.

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