Game: Forgotten Worlds
Manufacturer: Capcom
Year: 1988
Type: horizontal color raster upright

Forgotten Worlds was a game I played quite a bit back in the 1990's. I loved the insane fire-power options, liked the idea of the helper pod, and I've always been attracted to games with unique controls, which really makes the game play fun. A few other games around this period used 8 position or 12 position rotating joysticks to simulate the ability to fire in multiple directions, like Time Soldiers, but Forgotten World used a spinner to give a much higher degree of control, and you were able to spin it faster, allowing you to react to enemies faster. Not many games used the controls, so as you can imagine, finding the spinners many years later is not easy, nor cheap.

Many years ago I had bought a Forgotten Worlds game out in Seattle for a good price and had a local collector part it out for the internals, as I was only going to play the game out of my Multi-JAMMA cabinet. However, over the years, I found I didn't get to play it as much it was a hassle to swap out the controls for it. When I found out a friend of mine had a broken down one in storage, I jumped at the chance to put a dedicated cabinet in the collection.

Often the sideart stickers on these games are destroyed, so you'll see a few attempts by people to reproduce the artwork. I was able to get a set reproduced for my cabinet.

In addition, being a foreign developed game, some of the grammar and spelling in the game is wrong. I went through the game code and fixed the spelling and grammar mistakes and installed a new version in my game.

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