Game: The Empire Strikes Back
Manufacturer: Atari
Year: 1984
Type: horizontal color vector upright

The Empire Strikes Back was only offered as a conversion kit for Star Wars. What operators would do is install the kit in a Star Wars cabinet, add some additional art work, and viola!

This game used to be rare until Cliff Koch (of Motorola fame, no less) reverse-engineered the PALs (which were the hard part to obtain), and when Clay Cowgill made the conversion even easier by supplying a daughterboard, the game became available to all Star Wars owners.

The game is somewhat similar to Star Wars:

The first phase involves shooting probe droids on the surface of the planet Hoth.

The second phase involves shooting down Imperial Walkers with your snow speeder. Use tow cables to bring them down, also.

In the third phase you fight tie fighters (similiar to the first part of the original Star Wars game)

Lastly, you must successfully navigate through an asteroid field.

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