Game: Discs of Tron
Manufacturer: Bally Midway
Year: 1981
Type: horizontal color raster environmental

The environmental version of Discs of Tron could possibly be the coolest cabinet ever made. Four blacklights are used to light up the various artwork designs. Based on the movie Tron, the cabinet does a great job of capturing the fantasy computer world aura.

In the game Discs of Tron, you play Tron. Your job is to defeat Sark by knocking him off platforms with your ID discs. Sark fires back at you with all kinds of weapons, trying to knock you off platforms as well. The game play itself is very unique and enjoyable.

The cabinet beautiful, but HUGE and very hard to move. Because of this, operators often cut them in half, tossing the rear artwork section. See my Discs of Tron home page.

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