Game: Asteroids Deluxe
Manufacturer: Atari
Year: 1980
Type: horizontal B&W vector upright

The first game that I ever collected was an Asteroids Deluxe cocktail, so it has a special place in my heart. So when I had the opportunity to pick up a full size upright for a good price, I decided to bring it into the collection again.

The nice thing about the upright as opposed to the cocktail is that the upright has a silvered mirror that allows for a 3D blacklight background for the game (similar to Discs of Tron or Omega Race) and a blue tint monitor overlay, making the game play more aestetically pleasing.

The game is the sequel to Asteroids (big surprise). An Asteroids game board can actually be played in the cabinet by making a small adapter to switch the controls around appropriately. The difference in game play between Asteroids and Asteroids Deluxe is the introduction of an "alien asteroid" at the end of each round that, when shot, breaks up into ships that chase your ship in an attempt to ram it.

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