My Arcade Games

This is my current collection. I started collecting video games in February of 1995, and I currently have these games:

Video Arcade Games

Arkanoid | Asteroids Deluxe | Centipede | Cruis'n USA (two linked)
Dark Silhouette: Silent Scope 2 (multi-game) | Discs of Tron | Eliminator 4-player | Forgotten Worlds
Robotron:2084 | Star Wars | Tapper | Tempest | Tron | Zektor | Zoo Keeper

Pinball Games

The Addams Family | Doctor Who | Funhouse | The Getaway | Medieval Madness | Safe Cracker | Twilight Zone | Who Dunnit


Valley Cougar SM Dartboard

Creature Feature

It's Alive! It's has many names, but only one purpose--to play every raster game known to man! See my creation here!

Past Restorations

Take a look back at the games I've owned over the years.

Current Projects

Sega XY High Score Saves
Sega XY repairs

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